Chiropractic Care and Infants

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When people hear the terms ‘chiropractic care’ and ‘infant’ in the same sentence they tend to shy away, but there is absolutely no reason for that. Boiled down, it comes to one question: when it comes to your child, do you have more faith in Tylenol than the body’s ability to heal itself?

Is it safe?

A big misconception people have is they associate infant chiropractic care with adult care. It is very different and extremely safe. The principles remain the same, but the techniques and practices are modified for the smaller size. The youngest baby we’ve ever worked with was just five hours old. It is never too early to be checked by a family chiropractor.

It puts parents at ease to know that when their children come in, they are not automatically signing up for an adjustment or care; we are going to assess and report what we find. Obviously, it’s smart to make sure that everything looks good and is functioning properly as soon as possible. So many babies suffer needlessly with symptoms that could have easily been prevented with a simple chiropractic check-up. It is certainly safe and can prevent worse problems down the road.

What are the benefits?

We see quite a few infants come in with ear infections or fluid buildup in the ear and we can help. Chiropractic care can benefit babies experiencing issues from colic to GERD to trouble nursing or even digestive problems (such as constipation or bloating) which may be caused by underlying spinal-nerve issues. The nerve issues can be corrected with specific chiropractic adjustments, which improve how the body functions.

Families who have had difficult birthing experiences are more likely to need care. C-sections,
vacuums, forceps, and posterior births can cause issues during infancy. Any major falls or trauma to a developing neck or spine can lead to a child needing care early on. Things to look for are any asymmetries on the baby: like skin folds, rashes, range of motion, arm and leg activity, and hair rub pattern on the back of the baby’s head. Also as a general rule, if they are not eating or sleeping well, there is a good chance chiropractic care can help.

There are so many changes occurring in a developing baby. We encourage people to—instead of repeatedly going to the hospital for symptomatic relief—consider a chiropractic exam and let us help your baby heal naturally.

What to expect:

Quite simply, we correct the problems. We assess the spine to see if there is any nerve pressure affecting the health of the child. Then we make very gentle adjustments.

Again, the chiropractic principles are consistent with that of adult care, but the process is
specialized for the care of infants. Many times this is a new experience for the family therefore we always take time to describe the process in detail before we start. As far as adjustments we
often have the infant adjusted on Mom or Dad’s lap, this makes everyone comfortable. Overall, it’s a very positive experience for everyone involved.

Parting Thoughts

So many parents come to us after multiple rounds of antibiotics and other treatments that either
gave temporary relief only or had no success. We’ll often hear “we didn’t know chiropractic could help” and it breaks our hearts.

Medications can be tough on a child’s developing body. That is why we work with families to heal
infants naturally. There is so much misinformation circulating about chiropractic care for infants,
and often, there is a lack of pure knowledge. These both need to be fixed!

What we practice is a safe, reliable, comforting, and healing experience for Baby and the whole
family. We would love to see your child for a checkup.

Read more about family chiropractic care at Junge Family Chiropractic.

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