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Despite what the media would have you believe, the typical whiplash settlement is well below nine figures. In fact, the average is just a few hundred dollars. And, if you’re one of the almost one million Americans who suffer a whiplash injury each year, that can leave you with few options and a lot of issues.

What is whiplash

Amazingly, many people we talk to don’t even really know what whiplash is. Whiplash is the description of how an injury, usually to the head and neck, occurs. It’s an unexpected jar that literally “whips the head around” either front to back or side to side. This leads to spinal misalignment with associated nerve, joint, ligament, tendon, muscle and disc stress or damage. In chiropractic we call this spinal injury a vertebral subluxation. This is where most of the pain originates in a whiplash sufferer.

Where would I get whiplash

At the store between the bread and eggs. That’s a joke. Most commonly, whiplash occurs in car accidents, but it is also common in falls and really any trauma that causes a sudden jerk. We’ve had patients fall out of trees and ask if that could have caused an old whiplash injury. Absolutely it could! If you have ever been involved in an accident, no matter how long it has been, it is recommend that you see your chiropractor to ensure that you have healed as completely as possible.

How do I know if I have whiplash

Often times, immediate whiplash symptoms include pain, soreness, stiffness and headache. On the other hand, sometimes symptoms from a whiplash injury may not surface for years. In those scenarios, years of improper alignment and malfunction cause more breakdown to the area’s tissues and higher levels of irritation to the joint and surrounding nerves resulting in symptoms.
When left uncared for, pain and/or numbness, tingling, pins-and needles, and weakness may develop in shoulders and down the arms into the hands. Blood flow to the head can even be reduced, resulting in vision issues, and mental “fog” that makes thinking and staying focused difficult. And like any conditions, all of this only gets worse over time if left unattended.

What do I do if I think I have whiplash

There’s really only one thing you can do: get immediate chiropractic care. In a 1999 study in The Journal of Orthopedic Medicine, a study titled A Symptomatic Classification of Whiplash Injury and the Implications for Treatment concluded that “[while] whiplash injuries are common. Chiropractic is the only proven effective treatment in chronic cases.” And it’s much easier that you may think. Take one of our patients, Sharon, who came to us because she was suffering from a whiplash injury:

After being in a car accident, I need relief from headaches, sore arm and stiff neck. Dr. Anna and Dr. Scott took x-rays, and compiled a medical history. I expected they would take care of my headaches and my shoulder but I was amazed when even the chronic pain went away. I had been troubled by ringing in my ears and facial neuralgia. As Drs. Scott and Anna and I worked together through the healing process, the ringing in my ears became much less frequent and the headaches went away. the neuralgia irritation subsided and I my shoulder no longer hurt. I am 62 years old and am feeling better than I have in years! Going to Junge Family Chiropractic has truly been a blessing for me and my family.

We have dozens of success stories very similar to Sharon’s. And we are happy to share them with you when you come in. Healing is closer and simpler than you think.

So if you’re one of the millions of people in America suffering from the residual symptoms of a whiplash injury. Come see us. Unless of course you win a major settlement and can afford one of those fancy spinal replacement surgeries. That’s not a real thing. See you soon.

–Drs. Scott and Anna Junge

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