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Gonstead…There is no substitute when you want the best and most time-tested Chiropractic care available.  

The Gonstead System has hundreds of years of combined clinical experience and has been tried and tested. Through the process of deductive science, the Gonstead Chiropractor is confident that if subluxations are found during the functional examination, he or she has a specific protocol for care with an expected result. Furthermore, if a need for additional evaluation is found necessary, he or she will refer the patient to the appropriate doctor or therapist to ensure that the needs of each patient are properly met.

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Gonstead Trained Doctors

Dr. Anna and Dr. Scott have extensive training in the Gonstead System of chiropractic taught by renowned doctors of chiropractic. Dr. Gonstead began developing the technique in 1923. Working night and day he saw over a million patients and refined his technique. His patients came from all around the nation with aliments not alleviated with other methods of care. He worked day and night until his passing in 1978. After which, his seminars continued and are taught world-wide today. The system has stood the test of time and it is the GOLD STANDARD of chiropractic.

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Outstanding Healing

Gonstead Chiropractic Care

Junge Family Chiropractic is a family oriented chiropractic office in Rochester, MN, which serves southeastern Minnesota with Gonstead Chiropractic. We welcome people of all ages with many different types of health concerns. We are committed to bring you to better health and a better way of life through practicing the true principles of chiropractic in a warm and friendly environment.

Nerve Function Restoration

Why Gonstead?

The Gonstead System focuses on being as specific as possible with the examination and care of the patient. Gonstead Chiropractors will tell you immediately if your health situation is a Chiropractic case. If interference to your nervous system is found the doctors will correct the misaligned bone with a gentle hands-on approach. Locating and correcting vertebral subluxations for the improvement of nerve function is the goal, since the nervous system controls every muscle and organ in your body. In fact, every single cell in your body is controlled and monitored by your nervous system. Even the slightest interference to this communication can cause health problems and pain. When proper nerve function is restored, headaches can be relieved, pain disappears, stomach problems heal and maximum health is achieved.

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Intensive Relaxation

Why Hands On?

The spinal column is comprised of multiple joint complexes that are not linear in nature and only hands can apply the specific adjustment necessary to correct the complex misalignment of spinal bones. By using his or her hands as adjusting tools, the Gonstead practitioner is better able to sense the relaxation of the patient and to control the direction and amplitude of the adjustment needed for each individual patient. No mechanical instrument can match the sensitivity of feel or timing of an applied force from a skilled chiropractor’s hands.

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Additional Services & Information

Chiropractic Care for Children

Safe and Natural! Parents demand exactly that for their children’s health and chiropractic care – SAFE, NATURAL, EFFECTIVE. Junge Family Chiropractic is committed to delivering excellent care to developing spines so children can grow happy, healthy and drug-free.

children chiropracticA chiropractic exam early in a child’s life will determine if any injury and underlying nerve disturbances (subluxations) exist. Babies with subluxations may experience colic, unexplained crying, loss of appetite, frequent ear infections, diarrhea or constipation. Even bed wetting, “growing pains”, headaches, scoliosis, and other health conditions can occur into their adolescents. When left uncorrected, these spinal problems worsen and take longer to heal.

So how does all this happen? Although birth is a natural phenomenon, birth itself and other birthing procedures (i.e. forceps, vacuum, pulling and twisting, c-sections) can put tremendous pressure on a newborn’s impressionable spine. Only chiropractors will assess the function of the spinal column and it’s never too early to get checked. Junge Family Chiropractic’s youngest patient was 5 hours old when he was checked for subluxation! Furthermore, major to minor accidents, falls, poor posture, and other bad habits put abnormal stresses on the body and spinal damage can occur.

The good news is there are a growing number of articles, news stories, and research studies revealing the health and healing benefits of chiropractic care for children! Multiple organizations such as the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) are dedicated to researching and publishing chiropractic studies (link http://icpa4kids.org/). Other foundations provide information through books, printed articles and magazines (some of which you can find at Junge Family Chiropractic). They offer a lending library to shares such information, on not only chiropractic, but also natural health care for children.

The doctors at Junge Family Chiropractic ensure you are educated to make the best decision in your child’s health care. They offer free consultations to discuss your child’s health, answer questions, and explain chiropractic care and adjustments before beginning care. Chiropractic is an excellent choice to make in your child’s health to ensure a vibrant childhood through a properly function spine and nervous system.

Chiropractic for Complete Health

What is complete health? Complete health is not merely the absence of any symptoms or sicknesses, but living in a body that is able to function at its full potential. We live in a health care system and society that is overly dependent on treatment of symptoms. Too often, doctor appointments end in a drug prescription, cortisone shot, or surgery without questioning the underlying cause for the symptom.

yoga-ladyChiropractors understand that the world we see and perceive is experienced through our nervous system. Our nervous system is the underlying network that allows our body to function correctly. For thousands of years the principles of chiropractic care have been known and practiced, but it was only in the last one hundred years that a true understanding of the nervous system and spinal column have allowed chiropractors to resolve underlying causes that compromise complete health.

A key component of chiropractic care is the prevention and correction of subluxations. A subluxation is a misalignment of the spine that can put stress on the nerves and in turn cause issues with the nervous system. While many people will visit a chiropractor for treatment of lower back pain or neck pain, it is important to realize pain is only a small part of the nervous system. The nerves that are experiencing pain may be affected in tandem with nerves that control ones digestive system, immune system, or sleeping patterns, and the list goes on.

Chiropractic is built on the fundamental principle that the human body is born to be healthy. When the nervous system is working properly the body can heal itself, regulate itself, and operate as it was designed. With this understanding we check the nervous system for any disturbances and correct them, fixing the underlying issue and preventing the need for further treatment of symptoms. While drugs and surgeries do have their place, they should not be a substitute for health conscious eating habits, positive mental thoughts and focus, regular exercise and most importantly regular chiropractic care.

Finally, remember it is never too late. The nervous system is the most flexible organ in the human body. If a right hand dominant person lost use of that arm, in a short time the body would compensate and the left hand would be able to accomplish all the tasks of the other. It is never too late for chiropractic care no matter where you are on the continuum between poor and good health. At Junge Family Chiropractic we will work with you and educate you on healthy choices at the gym, grocery store, work, and home, and fix any spinal misalignments, empowering your nervous system to operate at full potential, keeping you in excellent health. That is chiropractic for complete health!

Heal and Prevent Back Pain

Are you ready to heal your back pain? At Junge Family Chiropractic we take the time to work with you as an individual. This allows you to have a healthier, stronger, and longer-lasting back, so you can continue doing what you love! Eighty percent of people will experience back pain at some point in their lives. This back pain can come from many areas of the spine ranging from the base of head all the way down to the hip/pelvis. Obviously, the goal is to reduce the risk of experiencing back pain, but when it happens we are glad to help.

back-hurt-nurse-copy1Chiropractic is considered a safe and effective way to heal back pain. Whether you lifted something wrong, misjudged the bottom stair, turned your head wrong, or sat with poor posture at a computer for too long, chiropractic is right for you. Back pain in its many forms is one of the most common reasons people miss work. In fact, one-half of all working Americans admit to having back pain symptoms each year.1

Chiropractic is safe, meaning we won’t add any drugs or remove anything from the body. We simply harness and release the body’s natural restorative ability. “The body is meant to be healthy” is a phrase you will often hear from us. When the body is functioning the way it was designed it can mend a cut, fight an infection, and heal back pain better than any drug or surgery.

Our goal for every person is to get him or her functioning optimally as quickly as possible. For that reason we use the Gonstead system of chiropractic. This allows us to quickly and clearly identify the problem and correct it as effectively, safe, and comfortably as possible. The Gonstead system of chiropractic is a personal experience: everything from identification of the problem to the correction and management of the case is unique to each individual. The system has produced results for every size human, from babies a few hours old to great grandparents well over 100 and everyone in between.

The focus of chiropractic is to restore function to problem areas as soon as possible. Since the same nerves that feel back pain control your internal organs, delaying the healing process can be detrimental to your overall health. Another part of the healing process is education on how to prevent recurrence of the injury. This is done by clearly establishing how the injury occurred as well as identifying any negative repetitive movements that will interfere with the healing process. Once we have identified positive and negative habits, we form a healing plan that will help you integrate the correct habits in the office, at home, and at work.

1) Vallfors B. Acute, Subacute and Chronic Low Back Pain: Clinical Symptoms, Absenteeism and Working Environment. Scan J Rehab Med Suppl 1985; 11: 1-98.

Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care

Pregnancy is a wonderful, special journey in life, one of which chiropractic care can offer a better experience and the best birth outcomes. Dr. Anna has taken on a specialty for women during this time. She is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) with her certification in the Webster Technique. This Technique optimizes your body’s structure and function for a healthy pregnancy, optimal delivery and even helping with post-partum recovery.  The benefits not only include more comfort and better health for mom, but encouraging proper fetal positioning for baby (or babies). For those under care, this means there is a significant decrease in breech presentations, dystocia and the resulting complications.

For a list of articles and research on chiropractic in regards to efficacy of chiropractic care for pregnant women and children follow this link: http://icpa4kids.org/Chiropractic-Research/

She is also part of the Southeast Minnesota Childbirth Network connecting her with local childbirth professionals and resources. For more information, follow the link: http://semnchildbirth.net/.

Getting Started

Each Case is Unique

Just like every person is unique, every patient has a unique case with specific subluxations and must not be given the same course of manipulation. That type of approach could potentially harm individuals with too much impact to the joints of the spinal column and result in neurological insult.

At Junge Family Chiropractic we provide appropriate management of each case by taking a detailed history, using heat instrumentation, using static palpation, using motion palpation, preforming neurological testing and often times, using full spine x-rays taken in the standing, weight bearing position.

The goal of the Gonstead practitioner is to “do the least to achieve the most”. That is to say, the least amount of segments to be adjusted with the least amount of force the least amount of times. This is case specific to each patient. The Gonstead chiropractor does not treat every patient with the same manipulative procedure of twisting the neck and lower back from both the right and the left and the middle back from top to bottom.

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